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Welcome to SmarterWX Automate, an interactive forum where SmarterWX users can suggest, discuss, and vote on product enhancement ideas. Feedback is a big part of how we work to improve SmarterWX. Your suggestions help us decide what improvements we make and which new features to investigate further.



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Scheduled maintenance window for customer hosted data

Our Feature Services have schedule maintenance on them every Wednesday night from 6pm onwards. Is it possible to have our SmarterWx responses scheduled to not send for a 12 hour window while this occurs. Alternatively an auto-resume functionality ...
Christine Whalan 9 months ago in  1 Planned

Single interface/login for multiple asset owners

For asset owners that have multiple assets, can the DBYD portal be able to have a single login/ability to see all asset responses in the same session, rather than having to log out and back in again? Thanks
Dan Hall 9 months ago in  3 Already exists

Capture subsequent enquirer communications

Please consider supporting the capture of all follow on communications with enquirers, including email replies, call records and customer service notes. The benefit of this is having a full history of customer contact events saved against the orig...
Justin McKinlay 10 months ago in  2

Send email notification if system is left in Pause mode for 'too' long

Having paused SWX in order to make changes, it'd be possible to accidently leave it in this state; -> suggesting that an email notification be sent to the Client Administrator after its been paused continuously for say 2hrs ....and then also, t...
Greg Dunmill 6 months ago in  3 Will not implement

User ability to change Live Connect schedule

User ability to change Live Connect schedule would be a 'nice to have' so we can more closely sync it when our data is actually updated
Greg Dunmill 6 months ago in  2

Rule Studio: Map Configuration: Allow minimum scale of 1:500

Allow the option of a 1:500 minimum scale. We believe this would be useful for asset rich areas.
Andrew Ritchie 7 months ago in  3

Rule Studio: Ability to have asset buffers of less than 5m

Currently the specific layer buffer indicates it allows values of (0-500m), but rounds to the nearest 5m. Particularly for our earth levee areas, we consider our asset locations to be highly accurate, and only want to be advised/monitor works that...
Andrew Ritchie 7 months ago in  1 Already exists